Loc. Micalosu 07021 Cannigione, Arzachena (SS) Tel. +39 0789869144 - info@finistreddi.it
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The Osteria Gourmet has built its reputation on selecting small local producers and creating internationally-inspired Mediterranean cuisine with a Sardinian character and hints of the Orient.

These come together in dishes such as seaweed, vegetable and shellfish broth, or fregola pasta with rockfish, samphire and lemon. The identity of Sardinian wine and cuisine is strengthened in these combinations, and is enhanced by a cellar of prestigious labels and some little-known indigenous varieties that communicate the culture, soil and climate of the island.

The magnificent glass-fronted veranda overlooking the sea finds a natural extension in the external terrace that is home to the hotel's illuminated pool, where bon vivants from all over the coast come to dine. The small organic vegetable garden behind the kitchen is open to visitors and seasonal local vegetables are complemented with freshly-picked aromatic plants, a particular favourite with vegetarian patrons.

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